Provider Directory Test Tool

The goal of the SITE PD Test Tool is to provide implementers with the ability to test:

  • Their Provider Information Directory (Server) for conformance to the IHE HPD profile and respond to various S&I Framework Provider Directory use cases

  • Their Provider Information Consumer (Client) for conformance to the IHE HPD profile to generate requests and consume the responses

The test cases for both Provider Information Directory and the Provider Information Consumer includes both the Provider Information Query transaction and the Federation Option outlined in the IHE HPD profile.

In order to perform thorough testing to prepare for future conformance testing, SITE provides test data that can be imported by Provider Information Directory implementers into their directory. Once the test data is imported, the test cases provided by the SITE PD Test Tool can be executed to determine success, failure, and/or conformance to the IHE HPD Specifications.

Provider Information Directory (Server) Test Cases

  1. Import the test data provided following these instructionsWeb Site Disclaimers.
  2. Once the data is imported into the directory, enter your WSDL below.
  3. Specify you based DN
  4. Select the test case and execute

Provider Directory Client Testing

PD clients that would like to verify their systems are generating conformant PD search requests following the ONC Modular Specifications can issue requests against the Provider Directory Test Implementation (PDTI) setup at the following WSDL:

The PDTI has the test data loaded as specified above, and clients can verify the results, based on their search requests, by manually cross-checking results against the test data.

SITE Provider Directory Version 2.1