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Standards Implementation & Testing Environment

The Standards Implementation & Testing Environment (SITE) is a centralized collection of testing tools and resources designed to assist health IT developers and health IT users fully evaluate specific technical standards and maximize the potential of their health IT implementations. SITE is organized in a collection of sandboxes that provide test tools, sample data, collaboration resources, and useful links.



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Feature Estimated Availability
C-CDA Scorecard (Beta) Available
FHIR Sandbox Available
C-CDA Validator API Utility Available
"One-Click Score" CYQ4 2016

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Information for Developers:

SITE resources and test tools work best when developers access them via web browsers which are the following versions or higher.


ONC C-CDA Scorecard (Beta) Available! - We need your input!

Please send any questions, comments or feedback to TestingServices@sitenv.org.

Recent SITE Updates:

2.3.8 - 09/26/2016
SITE Update 
  • Updated SITE Scorecard URL. 
  • Deployed Alpha Release of SITE FHIR Sandbox.
  • Deployed Alpha Release of SITE DS4P Validator.
  • Deployed Updates to C-CDA Validator which includes test data, test xml files, vocabularies and HL7 errata.
2.3.7 - 09/09/2016
Scorecard Update 
  • Added 'Try Me' feature. 
  • Improved error handling and user notification.
  • Updated UI.
  • Fix for Effective Time Validation when present in Seconds Format. 
2.3.6 - 08/05/2016
XDR Update
  • File contents are no longer encoded.
  • Files contents are sent as an attachment in using optimized XOP message.
  • Full and Minimal messages are sent correctly when selected from the dropdown.
Information about previous releases can be obtained in the SITE Release Notes.